How the designed mark answers the brief?

We started from the “folding and unfolding the world” concept. We created an icon from one piece of A4 paper of the world’s map. We used origami artform to design a “B“ letter shape. We think that origami and Chimera Creative Brief have many things in common, like bringing ideas to life, using a single piece of paper to do it, changing perceptions and proving that you can achieve anything you can imagine, even changing the world. A creative trying to shape the world has to provide the guidelines of how to fold and unfold the world’s facing problems. Through black we’ve chosen to show the world’s problems, and through light grey the solutions. With all the effort we invest in solving problems we expect to shorten the gap between people, and adopt humanity. We used the font to consolidate our concept.

How this identity could evolve?

The beautiful thing about CCB is the infinite possibilities of “folding and unfolding the world“. It could evolve in 3D objects, placed on the festival site during the Cannes Lions week, which communicate the brief’s problem that needs to be solved. It can be used as an outdoor media channel (for example we can use origami flying planes, to send the brief as you could see in the example 3 – the box of colored planes). The planes could be launched from the top of the Palais de Festivals building. As a creative you pick it up, unfold the brief, and think of a solution. We see Chimera Creative Brief as the evolution of humankind, a constant transformation of concepts and shapes and no matter what, the folding process leaves marks on paper as evidence of trying, a “Start Up for better“.